Waterkeys® is a practical and cost effective toolset to build informational connectivity for decentralized water systems to help solve the world’s water problem. Waterkeys® is an intelligent water solution that allows for centralized management of decentralized water assets. 

Localized Water Dashboard

Through a combination of customized hardware, cloud-based data management architecture and an easy-to-use interface, Waterkeys® is specifically designed to remotely monitor multiple water points on a mass decentralized scale. Our proprietary technology is opened-sourced, allowing for flexibility and compatibility with virtually all water system and sensors manufacturers, and allowing for integration and interconnectivity across otherwise separated water systems.

Waterkeys® Technology Allows For:

  • Remote monitoring, diagnostics
  • Predictive analytics and maintenance
  • Data management (pressure, volume, operational control and water quality)
  • Water infrastructure networking
  • Pipeline management (leakage awareness)
  • Reservoir, lake and river measurements
  • Industrial, Agricultural and Oil & Gas water management
  • Military water awareness, management and security

To learn more about Waterkeys® visit our website.

Waterkeys Monitoring
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