The UNHCR has over 150 offices with over 7,500 staff servicing over 6 million refugees world wide.

UNHCR and WFP water was plagued by high costs and low water quality. LWS spent two years working hand-in-hand with the UNHCR / WFP to develop a new innovative solution for staff’s water needs.

With UNCHR staff consuming two liters of bottled water per day at a cost of $1.00 USD per liter, LWS serviced scaled across the UNHCR platform to eliminate over $5.0M USD per year in annual bottled water costs, while also providing higher quality water for cooking and hygiene purposes.

Upon successful completion of Mauritania pilot, LWS seeks to implement its water systems across the UNHCR and WFP offices and developed a data management portal for UNHCR administration.

Automated water quality testing and data management portal eliminated additional operating costs through the reduction of staffing redundancies, oversight, technical support, producing higher water quality for the UNHCR staff.

LWS has garnered “Certified Vendor Status” for all UN agencies, something highly unique for a technology company of our size.

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