Localized Water

Solar Water Treatment and Intelligent Water Systems for Today’s World

Localized Water Solutions is developing smart and sustainable water solutions that help improve access to clean water and decrease the cost of water treatment. We do this through both a novel and easily scalable, 100% solar-powered, water purification technology as well as an intelligent, cloud-based water monitoring platform that broadly manages and connects decentralized water infrastructure.


STREED utilizes a new energy recovery concept discovered by Rice called Resonant Energy Transfer, or RET, which dynamically recovers and reuses latent energy in the evaporative step.

Waterkeys is an intelligent water solution that allows for centralized management of decentralized water assets. Through a combination of customized hardware, cloud-based data management architecture, open-sourced software and an easy-to-use interface, Waterkeys is specifically designed to remotely monitor multiple water sensors on a mass decentralized scale. 

Monitor all your decentralized water assets.

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